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Services That We Offer

For its valued clients Manpower Consultant Mumbai offers a host of services catering to all their requirements. Having a look at them will convince you about our all-in-one status. Our services include the followings among others.

We facilitate client’s global search
Manpower Consultant Mumbai facilitates global search for skilled and efficient candidates by the client enterprises. In the process we overlap all geographical boundaries and our search is also gender immune. Identifying potential candidates at local, national as well as international levels we bring their details to your fingertips. Our executive search is also specific to the client’s requirements and budget and at the same time industry specific. You can surf through the professional curriculum and profile of the best talents around and can choose the most suitable for yourself.

All-in-one Service Provider
Our team of experts contains heterogeneous professionals who know the trick of their respective trades like the back of their palms. Experienced and efficient, they can serve any industry irrespective of its type, size, and specifications. Today we are providing manpower and talents for all types of industries in the commercial world.

Innovative Search Process
Our process of searching appropriate candidates for your enterprise is a mixture of traditional and innovative methods. While we do not dispense with the time tested and effective traditional methods, our expert team is engaged round the clock in search of new and innovative methodologies for gaining better results in the processes of recruitment.
Recruitment Consultant Mumbai takes care of all the aspects of recruitment processes right from short listing of candidates through hiring and post selection orientation.

Staff Outsourcing Services
Procuring staff outsourcing services for getting the best hands, processes as well as technologies for accomplishment of the tasks that generally come under the non-core business functions in any enterprise is the common trend in commercial world. Recruitment Consultant Mumbai is one of the leading staff outsourcing services in Mumbai and the entire country that offers its clients the best at the cheapest. We take over the responsibility of the non-core agency functions entrusted to us and we will accomplish them through our own or partner establishment’s expert and professional staff who will take care of all the requirements of the client.

Staff Recruitment Services
Recruitment Consultant Mumbai offers one of the best staff recruitment services for the clients. Taking care of the entire process right from the short listing of candidates, their registration, and hiring process including interviews and tests, and even post service orientation processes are all taken care of by our high experienced and professional support team. The process is initiated with a full search of databases for finding out suitable candidates and best talents around. Once they are short listed we will proceed with the interview and tests and other recruitment method to find out the best talents at the most competitive prices. Once the recruitment is over we will take over the task of post-recruitment orientation and training to tune up the candidates for their respective jobs.

Executive Search
Our high quality executive search is aimed at providing the clients with the best candidates for various executive or high ranking posts. For this we will short list the best talents basing on their profiles befitting the requirements and budget of the client. As the third party service provider our aim is to find out the best talents that are around and once found out place them for selecting the “best among the best” by the employers. The entire process is carried out in a transparent manner and we keep our client abreast of all the developments from time to time from inception till logical end of the search.

Pay Roll Management
Commercial world is fiercely competitive and companies need to be alert as well as vigilant. They need to focus on the core areas of their business while outsourcing the services. Usually the paramount albeit resource consuming non-core sector functions are outsourced. If that is what your problem is then you can rely on Recruitment Consultant Mumbai which is one of the premier pay roll management service providers around. When you entrust payroll management to us for your enterprise we will take care of every aspect including accounting, payroll preparation, tax calculations and payments and such others.
As recruitment, consultation, payroll management service provider we are your one point solution.